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Skinny Girl Fashion For Curvy Bodies

I have to say that I am loving the whole leggings phenom. Are people even wearing pants anymore? Yesterday, I was surfing through and I came across this picture of the british sensation Estelle. I think she has a unique and edgy look that works for her body. I love the idea of the metallic silver jacket with leggings. It gives her such a sexy rocker chic look. Check out the options below to recreate CONTINUE READING THIS POST

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Allow Me To Reintroduce My Blog

In the words of one of my favorite Emcee’s, Allow me to reintroduce myself, well, allow me to reintroduce my blog. Stylish Curves is a blog that bridges the gap between¬†missy sizes and plus sizes. This blog will show you how to wear the latest and classic styles whether you’re a size 2 or 24 or larger. I believe a size 18 can be just as curvy as a size two. Over the past couple CONTINUE READING THIS POST

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Animal Prints For Fall Fashion

Every now and again I wake up in the morning feeling like I can handle anything and I can take on anyone. I have no fears no regrets, my thoughts are all about making that day a great day. That feeling translates through my wardrobe. I have no insecurities and I put on whatever I want and miraculously I look good in it and I feel good in it. I look in the mirror and CONTINUE READING THIS POST

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