8 Inspiring Body Positive Quotes To Boost Your Confidence

Hey curvy girls all over the world, 

In the world of social media, body shamers are merciless. They ridicule, dissect, and spew hate to any and everyone who they feel looks too fat. No ordinary person or even celebrity is exempt from the body shamers gang. You’ve seen them tear down celebs like Selena Gomez when she posted a pic of her in a bikini with a more voluptuous figure. You’ve seen them bash plus size bloggers and body positive leaders like Tess Holiday. Most recent, they went in on our girl Ashley Graham after Joe Jonas decided to feature her in his “Toothbrush” music video.  Needless to say, body shaming has become the new norm, especially if you’re fat, chubby, or just have a little extra meat on your bones. 635992541133658077-dnceSince body shaming is getting out of hand and just plain ridiculous, we thought we would round up some of the best body positive quotes that will make you even more proud of the skin you’re in.

Amber Riley-Recently Amber Riley made a 60 second video on Instagram telling followers to stop hating on her fat. Amber said, Amber Riley Body Positive quote 2

Amy SchumerAmy Schumer body positive quotes

Mary Lambertmary lamber quote

Rebel Wilsonrebel wilson body positive quotes

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OprahOprah body positive quote


Tyra BanksTyra Banks body positive quotes

Ashley GrahamAshley Graham Body Positive quotes


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