How Rapper/Singer Lizzo Is Changing The Body Positive Movement

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

I can’t lie, the first time I ever heard of Lizzo was when she was featured in Lane Bryant’s #ThisBody campaign. I was immediately drawn to her hypnotic girl power song “Good As Hell.” The song has made it to my morning motivational playlist and it instantly puts me in a good mood. Even when I’m not feeling so great. Since that Lane Bryant campaign, I have been following Lizzo and let me just say that her Instagram is LIT.

Lizzo is a breath of fresh air in more ways than one. As a body positive activist she breathes new life into the body positive movement. As a rapper and singer she is the kind of performer plus size women have been waiting to see. An unapologetic, sassy, and sexy force. Lizzo is standing up for women to be themselves and she speaks out against those who think that fat women should be ashamed of their bodies.  

Since her Lane Bryant campaign, we’ve been seeing Lizzo everywhere. Mainstream magazines have featured her and currently she is on tour with HAIM. They’re selling out Radio City Music Hall. Next to her amazing songs and body positive messages, Lizzo is also killing it in with her performance looks. From a patent leather cutout jumpsuit to leopard print chaps, Lizzo is showing the world how an unapologetic big girl gets down. 

When it comes to changing the way people think about fat, Lizzo shared this on her Facebook page:

“FAT DOES NOT = UGLY. When someone calls themselves fat, please do not respond with “no you’re not, you’re pretty” as if being fat and beautiful are mutually exclusive. I’m here to shake the table, to dispel the false narrative that being ‘big’ is “bad” or more ‘unhealthy’ than being “small”—because it’s simply NOT TRUE. I’m not a Dr. and neither are you, so let’s not act like it. Love Yourself. Eat like you love yourself. Drink water like you love yourself. Dance and move your body like you love yourself. Next time someone calls you fat, remember you’ve got fat in your body, just like them. And having fat is beautiful.”

With the exception of Missy Elliott, Meghan Trainor, and Beth Ditto, we haven’t seen many music artists that embrace their bodies and promote a positive message about accepting yourself as is. Lizzo is bringing an energy to the table that is fun, sexy, and edgy. Fat women are rarely ever seen as sexy. The only time you see a plus size woman being hailed as sexy is when they have an hourglass figure. Even music artists who are plus size are never seen as sexy. In my opinion, Lizzo is a rare gem. She gives us sexiness and edginess. 

As her star continues to rise, she’s the entertainer that is going to continue to change the way plus size women are seen. Right now, society is starting to accept and most importantly support women who are themselves. Thanks to women like Cardi B and Tiffany Haddish, being un-apologetically yourself is a winning formula not only for success but for creating change.

I can’t wait to see how Lizzo grows. Right now she has the eyes and ears of the world and everyone’s listening and of course watching her and all her curves. Lizzo is the sexy plus size superstar we’ve been waiting for.

If you haven’t already, I suggest ya’ll download “Good As Hell” because that song is FIRE. When you listen to it, it will definitely have you feeling good as hell.

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**All photos were taken from Lizzo’s Facebook and Instagram page.

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