Gabourey Sidibe Discusses Her New Film & Why Being A Black Woman Is Such A Joy

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Gabourey Sidibe is one of those people that make you feel as if their success is your success. So many people counted her out (ahem, Howard Stern) but she continues to prove them wrong. This month, Gabourey is making her directorial debut. Sidibe’s new film is called “The Tale of Four.” A movie Inspired by Nina Simone.

“The Tale Of Four” follows four women and showcases  the realities and challenges black women face everyday. In an interview with Sesali Bowen from Refinery 29, Gabourey opens up about the state of black women in America. In addition, she shares why being a black woman is such a joy.

For her feature with Refinery 29, Gabourey gave us a little black girl magic as she served face in a few snazzy outfits. She wore a black velvet culotte jumpsuit from new plus size brand Premme.

Premme Jumpsuit

Here are a few excerpts from her interview

Why Its Important For Her To Be Behind The Camera:
“It’s so important for people like me to get behind the camera,“I know that we’re called minorities but there’s no fucking way there are less of us than there are of them. We’re called minorities because we matter minorly. The way we matter is minor to the way they matter… Atlanta and Insecure, those are my favorite shows. We out here winning all the Emmys. Don’t say we don’t exist. We’re not a fad. We’re not going anywhere and we are snatching the gold right out of your hand.”
Being A Black Woman Today
“I think being a Black woman today is such a huge joy,” I’m so proud of myself and I have so many beautiful Black women friends who I’m so proud of and who are so joyous.”

Checkout her full interview HERE

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