Lizzo Talks Body Positivity & Black Women’s Influence On Culture With Ashley Graham For V Magazine

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

By now you should have heard the super catchy song “Good As Hell” by rapper and body positive activist Lizzo. If not, you need to download that baby right now. Ever since being featured in Lane Bryant’s #ThisBody campaign, we’ve become obsessed with Lizzo. Lizzo’s spirit is bold, unapologetic, and just cool as hell. This month, she  is featured in V magazine. She sat down with supermodel Ashley Graham for a little girl talk. Lizzo opens up to Ashley about finding body confidence, black women’s influence on culture, and she dishes about her music.

In addition to an amazing interview with Ashley Graham, Lizzo shot some gorgeous editorial looks for the magazine. Checkout Lizzo’s photo features below and a few excerpts from her interview with Ashley Graham.

Lizzo On Black Women’s Influence on Culture 

The wild thing about black women and our influence on culture is that it’s always been really big—in rock ’n’ roll, in literally writing and singing Elvis Presley songs; black women in Motown we’ll never hear about. We’ve been in this forever. The difference today is visibility. Now, we can’t be hidden or silenced, because of the Internet. You can find the originator. You know who created that look or idea or song. You don’t gotta go through no middleman, no labels, to get straight to the art. All of these women, like Ava DuVernay and Issa Rae, are just so important and thriving because of visibility.

Lizzo On The Body Positive Movement

Everything I say and believe in is literally me trying to get through life. I just happen to have this skill to be able to emote it through music. That said, I’ve been trying to love myself for a long time, and I really think that’s what the body-positive movement is. It’s showing the actual journey of women learning to love themselves, and seeing this positive result in the end. Love songs are really important, but self-love songs are even more important, and we don’t get enough self-love songs.

Read the full interview HERE

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