Look Magazine Teams Up With Simply Be For Their Body Positive Issue

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

It seems like this whole body positive movement gets stronger each month. Magazines have definitely changed their tune and are featuring a variety of shapes and sizes. Remember Glamour magazines special issue with Lane Bryant? Well, for their May issue, UK based Look Magazine has decided to feature 3 body positive cover models and celebrate their bodies. The May covers feature model Iskra Lawrence, Ali Tate, and Sinead.

Look Magazine Body Positive Issue 


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They teamed up with UK fashion brand and friends to the blog Simply Be to launch the body positive issue. Look magazine writer, Gemma Gow writes in an article and says, “We here at Look are on a mission to help you beat those demons once and for all. Your body is yours, and only yours, and as such you should own it.” We couldn’t agree more. Regardless of your size and shape so many women struggle with body insecurities. Society and social media doesn’t make it any better. Anytime you post a photo, you risk the chance of it becoming a meme or receiving body shaming comments. unnamedAll of the models are wearing Simply Be swimsuits and while all three have healthy looking curvy shapes, I can’t help but be a little disappointed that they didn’t include atleast one larger model. The truth is that society is only accepting of a particular shape which is the hourglass. As long as a girl has a flat stomach or somewhat of a flat stomach, her body is accepted. I notice magazines and other media outlets like to champion the body positive movement but seem to only feature smaller models. If we are going to talk about being body positive then the media should feature more than just one body type.look magazine body positive issue 2

On the other hand, the body positive movement is not just about celebrating shape and size, its also about helping women to overcome their personal body issues and educating them. As women we all see some sort of flaw with our bodies. I remember when I hated having a big butt and big boobs. I always said if I came into some extra cash, I would get a boob and butt reduction but I’ve learned to love and work with what I feel are flaws. The funny thing is that the things we are insecure about or hate about our bodies, someone else who love to have. I hear women all the time wanting fuller hips and a larger butt.look magazine body positive issueWhat I do love about the Look Magazine body positive issue is that its all about fighting the body negativity we inflict upon ourselves. I’m a personal fan of model Iskra because her message about loving your body is so awesome. Remember when the photo of her laying in the middle of a bunch of snacks went viral. It was like an F you to the world and body shamers. When you look at Iskra, you think how amazing is her body but she shares with Look that she got dropped when she first started modeling because her hips were too big, Screen-Shot-2016-04-05-at-11.09.36-AMLook magazine is doing a year long body positive campaign and you can take part in it too by telling them what you love or are learning to love about your body on their Instagram. Just use the tag @Lookmagazine #MyBodyMyLook.

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 All photos were taken from model’s Instagram and Look Magazine

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