Marie Claire’s new Curvy Girl Column

This weekend I was catching up on my magazine reading. As I was reading the November issue of Marie Claire I discovered a wonderful new column that Marie Claire will be implementing on a monthly basis. This column will feature fashion for the plus size curvy girls. Marie Claire has decided to use their fashion intern, size 18 Ashley Falcon to find and test the best in fashion for curvy girls.

On pages 62-63 you will find a sharply dressed Ashley  in a model like pose talking about her struggles with weight and how she wants to become a fashion stylist. She also offers tips on finding the best jeans for a curvy body. From what I understand she will be featuring items that cater to all sizes.

There must be something in the water because lately a couple of fashion magazines have been featuring plus size models and plus size fashion. The November issue of Glamour featured top plus size models. All I can say is keep up the good work.

It has always been my dream to own my own fashion magazine and that was because I could never understand why magazines would never incorporate fashion for all sizes. Yes, there are magazines strictly for plus sized women, but, I never thought that plus size women should be separated from from women who are below a size 14. Although a plus size body is different than a non plus sized body, as women, we still can relate to bodily insecurities no matter what size we are.

I always wanted to open up a fashion magazine and see a fabulous dress that came in sizes 2-22. Even in 2009 magazines still fail to feature plus size designers or designers who carry misses and plus size clothes. I think plus size women want to feel incuded in fashion and not separate from it.

For more on Ashley Falcon go to or pick up the November issue of Marie Claire.

What are your thoughts on this new column and on Ashley’s style?

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