Project Runway Adds Plus Size Models & Promotes Size Inclusiveness In Season 16

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Who watched Project Runway season 16 last night? If so, then you saw that the show has gone size inclusive and will now have models of all sizes included on the show. In the past, they’ve only had one or two curvy models for a specific challenge. This season, models of all sizes will be permanent throughout the challenges. The change is one that helps to inject more interest into the show. Also, I’m quite sure the change may have been influenced by the success of season 14 winner Ashley Nell Tipton. Also, the change may have come under the influence of PR alumni Tim Gunn. Earlier this year Tim made headlines when he shed light on how discriminating the fashion world is to plus size women.

Project Runway season 16 opened with a slew of models ranging in sizes 2-22. We saw one of our favorite plus size models Liris Crosse. Liris has been in the modeling industry for over a decade. We love seeing her shine.

This is such a groundbreaking moment for fashion and most importantly the plus size community. Project Runway is one of the most popular fashion reality shows on television. To have a show of their caliber acknowledge that size inclusiveness is missing in the industry speaks volumes. Another reason having models of all different sizes on the show challenges the designers to be able to design for different body types and sizes. Something that many fashion schools don’t teach.

During the first episode, the designers were told that they would be working with plus size models. Tim Gunn also told them they would be working with different size models each week. One of the designers, Cha Cha had an issue with designing for a larger model. He called his model fat. Fellow designer Ayana tried to help Cha Cha understand that size doesn’t matter. She said, “the words really don’t matter as long as “plus-size model is not seen as a problem-size model.” Needless to say, Cha Cha was also the first designer to be eliminated last night. 

What do you think about the size inclusiveness on Project Runway Season 16?

Will you be tuning in this season?


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