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Drop Dead Diva

Sunday night was the premiere of Life Times new show Drop Dead Diva. The show begins with an aspiring Price is Right model named Deb played by Brooke D’orsay who READ MORE

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Arm Cleavage

This morning I was thinking about a very close family member of mine who hates showing her arms because she thinks they are too big. She looks at me like READ MORE

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Swimsuit Season

With the next couple of days being in the 80 degree vicinity, I just realized that it will soon be time to break out the swimsuit, I almost forgot about READ MORE

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Hips and Dips

Many people think that just because you have hips and a big ‘ole’ butt that you should avoid pencil skirts. I totally disagree with that fashion rule for the curvy. READ MORE

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Is That New?

For those of you who believe in looking your best whether its going to the store, going to work or going out to dinner, I am sure you can relate READ MORE

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