Lounge At Home In Style: 10 Chic Loungewear Looks

Although 2020 is officially over, unfortunately we are still dealing with the pandemic. Many of us are still working from home and looking for cute loungewear sets. Especially in plus size.

Last year it was all about casual comfy loungewear. This year its still very much the same but a little more elevated and chic. When it comes to elevated loungewear in plus sizes there are a few brands that have gotten it right.

Eloquii, ASOS, and Rebdolls are just some of the brands that offer a variety of loungewear options that can actually be worn as outfits. From cute loungewear sets to sleek jumpsuits, and sexy matching sets, you’ll want to slip on a pair of heels and wear these loungwear looks outside. When it opens back up.

I don’t know about ya’ll but I like to look good for the living room. Since I work from home, I find that I’m more productive when I put on loungewear that makes me look a bit dressed up. I’m less likely to get stuck on the couch watching Youtube videos all day.

Below is a roundup of some of the best dressy casual plus size loungewear sets and jumpsuits you can shop right now.

10 Cute Loungewear Sets In Plus Size

Knit Plus Lounge Set

This knit lounge set is the epitome of cute and chic. I love the off the shoulder neckline and the jogger pant style. The sand color gives a serene vibe.

I’m a fan of what I like to call evening loungewear. A 2 or 3 piece set that is perfect for cocktail hour at home or if you’re having a guest over for dinner. I know many of us aren’t necessarily thinking about dressing up for dinner in the comfort of our home during a pandemic.

However, in case there is one day you want to, we’ve found the perfect lounge set to do so in. The best part, you can rock slippers with it or save it for when outside opens back up and slip on a pair of heels.

Lounge Robe Jacket With Piping Detail, Lounge pant

Give it a rest terry cloth lounge set

Rebdolls came all the way through with this terry cloth lounge set. This is the kind of set you can answer the door in to get your Amazon packages.

You can buy the pieces separately but they look oh sooo good together.

Button Front Sweater Jumpsuit

The best thing about a lounge jumpsuit is that you can take it off at home in the privacy of your own bathroom. This button front sweater jumpsuit is what I call cute, comfy, and put together.


Rib Cardigan Lounge Set

Gotta love this legging and belted cardigan lounge set for its simplicity yet modern look.

Fluffy Knit Crop Top & Leggings Set

If you’re into a more youthful yet sexy look at home, you will like this fluffy knit crop top set from MissGuided.

Striped Lounge Jumpsuit

Now, this piping trimmed loungewear jumpsuit is something you can wear at home. And with the addition of a few accessories, it can be worn out to dinner.

Cuddle Wrap Sweater & Jogger Set

Lavish Alice X Patricia Bright Ribbed Co-ord Set

Slit Sleeve Loungewear Sweater & Pant Set

For the girl who loves her sweats but wants something a bit more statement making, this Loft Lou & Grey terry sweatshirt set is perfect. In addition, you can chill at home in it or throw on a pair of sneakers and run errands.

Lou & Grey Sweater & Joggers

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