i LOVE YOUR STYLISH CURVES BLOG – I was messing around on the internet today on cnn.com – and I saw an interview about the fashion industry – what I dont understand and maybe you can shed some light on this – we are the most obese country in the world yet our magazines have super-super skinny girls on the cover – that …woman said size 6 is considered plus size in modeling – the average woman in US is a size 6…WTF? SMHRead More

Hey TJ. You brought up a great point. That is why I started blogging about curvy women. My standpoint is that all shapes and sizes should be included in fashion as well as fashion media. One of the ways that I think change can come about is if we stop supporting those media outlets who don’t support women who are size 10 and above. These people and… Read More their companies will always have skinny girls on their covers or modeling their clothes because people are still buying them and supporting them. If their pockets are getting fat by selling unattainable images, why would they stop? Also, what I don’t think alot of people know is that there is not enough support from curvy women. This is the reason why stores like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor stopped carrying size 16’s in their stores. They were not selling. So, if we are not being supportive when there are products available, why should anyone else?

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