Sunday night I was staring at the inside of my closet wondering what I am going to wear to work on Monday. I continuously whisper under my breath that I have nothing to wear. I call it the Monday closet blues. What is it about Monday’s that make the fashion part of your brain go blank (I know there is no such part of the brain)? You start off with, nothing fits, then you move to I wore this about 50 times, and then you come to the conclusion that you need new clothes. Sometimes that is true, but, most times you don’t need new clothes, you just need to rethink your work outfits. Think outside the box when it comes to your wadrobe. Mix and Match.
For those of us who have traditional 9 to 5 jobs, I suggest that you take your basic pieces and pair them with unexpected pieces like clothes with bold patterns. I am a fan of blazers, I think that blazers can add professionalism to just about anything. I love blazers with sexy dresses. If you are in

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