7 Flirty Denim Shirts For Spring

denim shirts

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

By now, everyone should own at least one classic button down denim shirt. If you don’t, you need to get one ASAP. The versatility of denim shirts is beyond. This spring season, denim tops have gone to what I would call the next level in style. They’ve gotten an upgrade. Instead of the classic button down denim, we are seeing denim tops come in an array of designs. From off the shoulder to peplum styles, denim tops have gotten a much needed makeover. I am here for it. If you’re looking for a cute denim top to add a little something something to your spring wardrobe, we’ve found some pretty snazzy options in plus.

Checkout our picks

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Ashley Stewart


Denim Peplum top


Sleeveless Denim top (Steal at $7)71RClwgHehL._UX522_

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Off The Shoulder denim top2b192bcb6d2b0c7647e27884fc5e0dba_best

Which denim top would you rock?

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