Polka Dot Chic In Dorothy Perkins Curve

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Besides being obsessed with this Dorothy Perkins Curve Dot Dress, there is something that I learned this week, and  I want to share with you.  As women, we must remember to take time for ourselves. Treat yourself to a day or two of fun and relaxation. Sometimes we can be so consumed with our daily responsibilities that we forget to take time out for ourselves. Dorothy Perkins Curve Dot DressDorothy Perkins Curve Spot Dress (gifted), Lane Bryant Jacket, Loft Sunglasses , Aldo Sandals

Dorothy Perkins Curve Dot DressThere are days where I am literally so focused on work, being a good mom, and making sure I am doing things to better the future of my family that I forget about me. I’ve had days where I haven’t left the house because I’m so busy working. I’ve had days where I’ve forgotten to eat lunch or dinner.There are numerous days, where I don’t go to bed until 2 or 3 in the morning because I am so consumed with my responsibilities. Sometimes I have to force myself to take time out for me. I like to go out and get a mani and pedi when I need a break. I try to get in some physical activity by going to the gym or even by just doing a Tae Bo workout DVD. Yes, I still love a good Billy Blanks workout.
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Often times, I just shut my computer off grab a book and will curl up on the couch to read. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to sit on my bed and meditate or pray. It rejuvenates my mind, body, and soul. I’ve started to actually put me time on my calendar so I have something to look forward to throughout the work week. It’s funny, because even my little 7 year old knows that mommy needs her me time. alissa wsp-267 (1024x996)

What I’ve learned is that we have to take care of ourselves as individuals first. I know many women who feel selfish when they take time for themselves. There is nothing selfish about putting yourself first. Even when you ride on a plane, they tell you in case of emergency, put your face mask on first before helping someone else. So, I challenge you this week to take a day or two and focus on you. alissa wsp-268 (1004x1024)

Another way I like to treat myself is by wearing a pretty dress. Dresses are just my thing and I am inlove with this Dorothy Perkins Curve Dot Dress. The fit is amazing and it just gives off a classy yet flirty vibe. I wanted to bring out the white polka dot so I paired the dress with this cropped trench jacket for a cute daytime look. Dorothy Perkins Curve has quite a few trendy and classic styles. I have a few pieces from them that I love and the quality is great for the price. alissa wsp-240 (863x1024)

Photos By: Prisitine Finesse

Take care of you!

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