There’s nothing that screams “GIRL POWER” like a woman who runs her own successful business. It’s inspiring and encouraging. Monif C. is one of those successful business women who is making inspirational changes in the lives of plus size women. I had the honor and privelege of interviewing her and I’m happy to share with you some of the

When I visited the Monif C. showroom on West 38th street in NYC I wasn’t expecting to see Monif herself. I was there to chat with her brand manager Brandon about the new location and get more of an up close and personal look of her magnificent holiday 2010 collection. While waiting for Brandon to arrive. A beautiful statuesque Monif enters the showroom dresses in an ASOS black chiffon zippered front top and black billowy genie like pants with gold accessories and greets me with open arms. (Monif C. is a hard working woman and I had been trying to get a one on one interview with her but our schedules were never in sync.)

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