Fall Denim

Spring and Fall are two of my favorite seasons because the weather is just right. Since Fall is right around the corner, I think I will begin shopping for Jeans. There are so many to choose from. Jeans are also one of the hardest items to find the right fit for. I have spent many weekends and tried on tons of jeans just the find that diamond in the rough that makes your butt look awesome, your stomach look flat, and your legs look five miles long. Once I find them, I wear them too death. To the point that they are un recognizeable. They used to be dark rinse and now they are light rinsed.
I love the new styles that are hot right now. I want to try all the new trends especially the ripped denim and the boyfriend jeans. I have my reservations about these two, but nevertheless when it comes to fashion we should be fearless. If they do look bad, I can always count on a friend to say, ” What were you thinking, those don’t look good” Thank God for friends like them.

The ripped jean look is very Rock & Roll. It requires some tough leather boots and a cool t-shirt to pull off the look.

The boyfriend jean

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