Get Your Strut On!

If you are a fan of ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) then you will want to hurry to Barnes and Nobles tomorrow to pick up Miss. J’s new book called Follow The Model. I have good feelings about this book because in a world where people still think that thin is the best way to be, I think it will give women that confidence boost they need to be comfortable in their own skin.

I used to think that that having a person teach you how to walk was a bunch of nonsense until that 1st season of ANTM and I saw Miss J. tear down the runway with his fierce strut. I will definitely be buying this book. I will let you know how it is if you are a skeptic.

Miss J. will be signing his book at Barnes & Noble at 97 Warren Street at 7pm.

Also, check out Miss J. on the Tyra Show tomorrow on WPIX at 4pm.

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