Healthy Relaxed Hair Is Possible, Checkout Alissa’s Favorite Hair Care Products For Relaxed Hair

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

With everyone going natural, sometimes I feel like the only relaxed girl in the world. It has become harder for me to find hair products because natural hair products have taken over the shelves. I think its awesome that women are accepting their natural hair textured and I even love that brands are making products to cater to them. However, relaxed hair girls still need love too. I like to have healthy relaxed hair and  I want more modern and updated products that are going to help me achieve healthy relaxed hair.

relaxed hair 2

I know I’m not the only relaxed girl in the world, so I did a video to share some of my favorite hair products for relaxed hair. I even include some natural hair care products as well. Checkout my video below.

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