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For many of you the weekend will start in just a few hours. When the weekends roll around I like to go home order takeout and read through my magazines. I do this for three reasons. One, if I am planning on shopping on Saturday I like to read through my magazines to see the editors picks from retail chain stores. Two, I read them for inspiration when I know I should not be shopping. I like to get some new ideas to get the most mileage out of  my old wardrobe. Three, I like to read the career and wealth articles. They are very informative and some of the suggestions really work.

With all that being said, today I am taking you inside the October issue of Glamour magazine. Glamour is definitely one of my top five favorite magazines. They offer a great variety of real life fashion, runway fashion, work, sex, and they have really good articles on what’s going on with women in other countries.

Fashion & Shopping

Check out pages 117-146 titled 8 Rules to be a Smarter Chicer Shopper.  If you are shopping for a new wardrobe or just a couple of pieces these pages offer you detailed information on how to organize your closet, take stock of what you already have, and what you should be buying.
One of my favorite rules in this article happens to be Rule No. 1, I will know what I own before I shop. I  definitely abide by this rule.  Every season I take a lonely Friday night and try on everything in my closet to see what fits and what I still like. Whatever I don’t like, I give away and then I make a list of what I need and what I want. Trust me, doing this has saved me tons of money and made me realize how many cute items I had in my closet. I was wondering where were these items on those days I could not find anything to wear? 
Also check out The Secrets of Style Confidence on pages 276-283 an article written by Jenny Feldman.

The article features designers like Jason Wu and Brian Reyes both who have designed clothes for two famous curvy women, First Lady Michelle Obama and Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera.
And of course don’t forget to check out Glamour’s Do’s and Dont’s. They are truly hilarious. This month is the Do’s and Dont’s of wearing purple.

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