Let’s talk Head Gear

As it gets colder we welcome hats, turbans, and beanies. I’m all about protective head gear especially for those bad hair days. This post will focus on trendy head gear for fall.

Beanie Fever

My all time favorite go to hat hands down has to be a beanie. This accessory is without a doubt very trendy his season. You can rock a  beanies with an casual outfit or a more formal outfit. If want to get that chic look, just add a beanie.



 Floppy Hats

Normally you would see floppy hats rocked during the summer, but now they are worn in every season. These hats range in size, style and colors. The floppy hat will jazz up any outfit. Styling tip: Add a pair of Sun glasses for extra glam.




Having a bad hair day? Have no fear our friend turban is here. Turbans are fun to play around with. You can buy them already in hat form or just grab a scarf and start wrapping. I love a printed turban, this allows me to focus my outfit around it. Turbans are super cheap, but if you prefer a scarf  go for it and if you need help wrapping it just head over to YouTube for an tutorial.





Within this article I have covered some of my personal favorite Trendy head pieces for fall. Theses head accessories are right on trend. Hope this was helpful and be sure to stay warm and keep those heads covered.


What kind of head gear will you be trying?

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Until next time Chante’ xxxxx

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