Product Review: Maybelline Matte Poreless Foundation For Dark Skin

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

You guys know I am a makeup junkie, right? While I love to get my hands on high end beauty products, I truly enjoy hitting up my local drugstore and trying out new products from drugstore beauty brands. One of the hardest things for me to find in the drugstore is foundation. Most brands just don’t make them deep enough for my skin tone. So, whenever a drugstore beauty brand comes out with new foundation and they say they offer deeper shades, I’m all over it. Case in point, Maybelline Matte Poreless Foundation now has darker foundation shades. Originally when it first came out,only the dewy version had darker shades and for the matte version, the darkest shade was called Coconut #355. Now they’ve added one more deeper shade called Mocha #360 and they’ve added more in-between shades ranging from caramel to cappuccino.

Being the makeup junkie that I am, I had to get my hands on the new deeper shade. I found the Maybelline matte poreless foundation in the mocha shade at my local Duane Reade. I decided to do a video review of my thoughts on the foundation and how well the color matched my skin tone.IMG_9268 (2) (1024x683)

I also tried out a few more new products from Maybelline like their new highlight and contour stick, matte liquid lipsticks, and their new rockstud eyeshadow palette. In my video I review all of the new products from Maybelline and show you how I use them. I love that Maybelline decided to offer more shades in one of their popular foundations.  I hope more drugstore beauty brands follow suit. You can checkout my video below.

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Have you tried the foundation yet? Do you like it?

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