My Love/Hate Relationship With Shorts

Regardless of your size or shape, I think as women we all have some sort of body insecurity. Especially during the summertime. I’m the kind of person who believes in being honest about how I feel about my body. There are parts of my body that I love and there are parts of my body I would like to change. I’ve shared with you guys that I struggle with my unshapely arms. However, I don’t let that stop me from wearing sleeveless dresses or tops.

During the summer I love rocking a cute dress or skirt and top combo. I also love shorts. However, I have a love/hate relationship with shorts. I love shorts because I do like my legs and I like to show them off. Sometimes I hate wearing shorts because I am always worried about showing too much of my cellulite. Whenever I wear shorts I have to be in a good mood and my attitude is IDGAF. Typically, I buy bermuda shorts to hide the cellulite on my thighs but I’m not trying to have a closet full of bermuda shorts during the summer.

Whenever I am trying to overcome a body insecurity, I try to find a happy medium. I will never let my body insecurity stop me from wearing the things that I like. Instead, I try to find what I like in a style or shape that I find flattering on me and makes me feel confident. So, in addition to bermuda shorts, I’ve found that shorts that hit slightly above the knee and have a loose style make me feel comfortable and confident when I wear them.

Eloquii Floral Print Robe, Eloquii Shorts, Blush SandalsEloquii plus size shorts for summer

Case in point, I happened to be browsing Eloquii’s website and I found a super cute kimono short set. I thought it would be perfect for summer events and I could break it up and wear the pieces separately. I can’t lie, I was a bit worried about where the shorts would fall on my thighs. However, when I tried them on, they hit slightly above the knee. They were also loose enough to glide over my thighs without me feeling restricted. The kimono top hit right at the hip which gave me an overall flattering and chic look. When I wore it, I was not worried about my cellulite being exposed. I felt cute in it and wasn’t concerned with anything else.

Eloquii plus size shorts for summer

The thing about body insecurities is that we can’t allow them to take over us.Yes, its normal to have those insecurities but don’t let them get you down or make you feel less than. I’m always open about my insecurities but I make and effort to overcome them and even if I am still working through them, I find that fashion really helps me to work with my body insecurities rather than against them.

Whenever I think I can’t wear something because I’m too big or because my cellulite or stretch marks hold me back, I always challenge myself to find a way to wear the things I like by finding alternative or similar styles that compliment my body. Basically, I find a happy medium.

How do you guys deal with your body insecurities?

All Photos: Edelle Kenny


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