New Clothing Community Part & Parcel Gives Plus Size Women A Way To Earn Money & Shop Plus to Plus

Although plus size fashion has come a mighty long way, it still needs to make some necessary changes. One of the most common practices for designing plus size clothing is just grading straight size clothing up to fit a plus size woman. That’s a big no no. Clothing on a plus size women is going to fit differently than it does on a non plus size woman. This means that plus size women are going to need their clothes cut and designed in a different way to account for our different shapes.

There have been quite a few brands that have tackled this issue and succeeded. While others not so much. This month, a new brand called Part & Parcel has entered the plus size fashion realm with a new way for plus size women to shop and earn money. Part & Parcel CEO Lauren Jonas is a former blogger who has created a company that is making it much easier for plus size women to shop for clothes made with them specifically in mind.

Some of you may remember Lauren as a plus size blogger pioneer. Back in 2007-2008 she had a blog called “The Pear Shape.” Part & Parcel is Jonas’s latest project. Lauren in giving plus size women a better and more personal way to shop.

How Part & Parcel Works

Part & Parcel is a community. So, you can buy and sell clothing. If you want to buy clothing, you can shop plus size clothing from Part & Parcel’s partners. Clothing options are versatile and offer dimensional sizing options to ensure that your clothes will fit you. Sizes range from 0X-6X. Also, you’ll find that they offer shoes. Shoe sizes range from 7-13 and come in wide width. The cool thing about Part & Parcel is that everything is designed to fit you well. You won’t have to worry about gaping tops, too tight jackets, or ill-fitting pants. As for style, you’ll be able to choose for basic and classic options like wrap dresses, blazers, and flowy circle skirts.

Part & Parcel’s dimensional sizing options allow you to choose from standard plus size sizes in an item or you can request more room aka dimensional sizing in certain areas. Their dresses also have self adjustable waistlines. Dimensional sizing is actually a common standard in mainstream fashion. It’s almost groundbreaking when it comes to plus.

Before shopping, you’ll complete a brief survey and then be paired with a partner to help understand your fit needs. It’s like getting custom clothing without the hassle.

How To Earn Money On Part & Parcel

So, if you want to make money from Part & Parcel its super easy. Once you buy and wear your pieces, you can actually promote them in a any way you want. You can promote on social, have groups or meetups, and earn 30% off the sales you make when someone buys the clothing because of you.

This is a fairly new and innovative concept in the plus size community. What separated Part & Parcel from the rest is the fact that you can buy clothing that is guaranteed to fit you like it was customized for your body. In addition, its cool that they’re using non traditional plus size women in the promotional pictures. This is truly a brand that is for plus size women.

You can checkout more and join the community at Part & Parcel

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