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This weekend I had a little extra time to relax and indulge in some me time. Every now and again I enjoy window shopping. I will just browse through stores and look at the new arrivals and cruise through the sales rack. Being the Brooklynite that I am, I cruised 86th street in Bayridge and stopped in Century 21, where I found two pairs of cute booties and a pair of satin pumps on sale.

Century 21
Betsey Johnson $69

Lamb $169

Elizabeth & James $169 (They look better on.)                                
I then decided to stop in New York & Company to see what kind of sale they had going on. There wasn’t anything appetizing on the sale rack, but I did catch a couple of trendy new arrivals. All pieces come in sizes 2-18.
New York & Company
Military Jacket $59.95
Motorycle Sweater Jacket $42.95
Ruffle Fitted Shirt $39

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