10 Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas For Grown Women

When we were kids, the best part about Halloween was trick or treating and playing dress up. Now that we’re women, the best part is still dressing up and trick or treating (at your local pub). Will you be a villain, a super hero, or something positively niche like a sushi roll? Here are some great Plus Size Halloween costume ideas to get you inspired.

Wonder Woman

When in doubt, you can always pick a costume based on one of the year’s biggest blockbuster movies. This year, Wonder Woman is the character to be! Chances are you’ll run into a few look-a-likes while you’re out. Make a game of it and take a picture with as many Wonder Womon twins you find!

Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas


Powerpuff Girls

90s are back in a big way but now for the first time as costumes! Imagine my shock when I walked into a Halloween store and saw that my childhood is now “flashback/decade theme” costume material. It’s happened and we can’t turn back. This is the best idea for a group costume. Go easy on the chemical X!

Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup


Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas


She may not have been crafted by Geppetto but that doesn’t mean that your night won’t be filled with adventure when you wear this costume! Add this marionette makeup tutorial to make her sweet. Or this tutorial to make her look broken + spooky!


Every party has a diva -but a goddess? Be the wisest goddess in the room with this Athena costume. You can pair it with gold shoes. Add some alluring makeup and you will have people worshiping at your feet!



Disney Beauty and the Beast Belle Halloween

Another big movie hit this year was the release of the live action version of Beauty and the Beast. Torrid did a chic take on this dress. Making it short will let you move and not have to worry someone is stepping on your dress. Follow this hair tutorial to pull the look together. You’ll be the Belle of the bar!

Mad Hatter

Have a very merry unbirthday with a mad hatter inspired costume. The high-low skirt is just darling. You can give this costumer some edginess by following this steampunk makeup look tutorial!


Twisted Baby Doll

Tell me something that is creepier than a doll. This is one of those costumes that can be really adorable or absolutely creepy! If you add blood spatter to the doll dress and mask, you can make this costume go from Cabbage Patch Kid to Child’s Play Chucky!

A League of Their Own

There’s no crying on Halloween! Show everyone you love older movies with this throw back cosutime. It’s so easy to throw together and comfortable to wear. Just add Chuck’s and your all set!

Checkout some of our fave Halloween Costumes from last year.

Or Try These Costume DIYs

Sushi by Simply Teee

This is so creative! It is perfect if you’re looking to be the only one dressed like you this Halloween. You can make this casual with some flats or cute sneakers. You could even dress it up with some heels.

Ursula DIY by Super Holly

The baddest bodacious villain from your childhood. It’s as simple as adding tentacles to a classic little black dress. We also found the perfect makeup tutorial for this look.

Find more fun DIY ideas in this video by MissRemiAshten

And Last minute ideas from Hello Kathleen Green

I think my sisters and I will be the Powerpuff Girls this year.

Who will you be?


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