A Real Conversation About What It Means To Love Your Body

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

We talk about being body positive and loving our bodies all the time. However, most of those conversations tip toe around the truth. The truth is, we all deal with ups and downs when it comes to loving our bodies. Everyday is not perfect. There are some days when we aren’t feeling the way we look or the way we feel about ourselves. I’ve always believed that loving your body is also about being honest with how you feel about it first and then you can move on from there. I’m always down to have a real conversation about what it means to love your body. This month, I did just that with a group of body positive experts at a Love Your Body event in NYC.

The Love Your Body event was presented by Samsung and hosted by actress and body positive activist RaVal Davis. RaVal invited myself, Style Blogger Nazira Sacasa, Talk Show Host and Self-Love Expert Nitika Chopra, and Creator of Be-Enough Brande Victorian to be part of the Love Your Body panel.  The event was held at Samsung 837 Rooftop venue in NYC.

Guest and media were treated to a fabulous evening of cocktails and hors d oeuvres.

DJ Olivia Dope kept the crowd rocking spinning some of the hottest tunes out right now.

In addition, there were free massages, hair styling by Dark & Lovely,a custom brow bar

and Samsung tablet affirmation stations, guest were encouraged to engage in an evening of self-care and self love. “Technology and social media alike have become a place where our bodies are often shamed and not celebrated.  I want to reclaim that space for body positive and curvy women and men.  Let’s have a selfie station and celebrate our curves.  Lets have Samsung tablets give people a customized affirmation, “You are allowed to take up space.”  Lets celebrate ourselves and love ourselves and lets use tech to do it,” says event creator RaVal Davis.

We had such an awesome time just mingling and networking with others. After a few cocktails, it was time for the panel to start. Event creator and body positive advocate Raval Davis took to the stage to introduce the panel and start the discussion.

Our panel discussed everything from how to deal with insecurities to how to deal with those nasty negative social media comments.

We all shared our own personal stories to loving our bodies and shared tips and tricks to an audience of over 200 guests. 

When it comes to loving your body, never allow anyone to dictate to you how you should feel about it. Don’t internalize other peoples negative thoughts about your body. When you look in that mirror everyday, be honest with yourself. If you want to change the way you look because you want to, then do so. If you feel great about how you look, then walk, talk, and speak with confidence.

Major shout out to RaVal on such a bomb event.

Checkout the video from the event.

More event photos below



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