I don’t know about you, but I really like the rompers and jumpsuits that are coming back. It reminds me of my favorite era, the 70’s. Remember when J.Lo made the jean jumpsuit popular back in the early 2000’s, when she had just started her singing career. She had every girl around the way rocking the jean jumpsuit with heels.

If you are going to try this look please do it right. The romper can look a bit childish and inappropriate if you are over a certain age (TBD). The romper is sassy and edgy and it is a great look for day or night. The jumpsuit is sexy and feminine. It makes me want to cut off my hair rock an Afro, and change my name to Sheba as in the Queen of Sheba.

The romper shows off one of the great assets a woman has, and that is legs. However, I know that some women do not like their legs, which is why the jumpsuit is a great option because it highlights the decolletage which is something that I rarely hear woman complain about.

If you decide on purchasing a romper, please make sure it is the right cut for your body.

If you have small petite curves or a true hourglass figure then I suggest a tube style romper. It will help emphasize your chest while highlighting your waist and ample booty.

I like this one from Urban Outfitters. It’s $48. Sizes XS-L

If you have fuller curves and an undefined waist, then I suggest a halter style romper. The one below is from Torrid. Its only $58. Sizes 10-28. The v-neck halter defines the breast and the belt will help create a waistline.

For those of you who may not like your legs due to cellulite or lack of tone and definition, then the jumpsuit is perfect.

Try this one from Baby Phat. Its nice and simple and the bootcut leg is flattering to thighs. Best of all there is no big cat symbol on the butt. Accessorize to make it your own. Try a big bold belt with a colored clutch. Or go casual chic with gladiator flat sandals and a straw bag.

$74, 1x-3x

For small petite curves, this Forever 21 jumpsuit is sexy and casual for daytime. I see big gold hoops with this.

$27.80, sizes S-L

If you are looking for something a little more sexier and trendy, then , go for the Dereon (picture below) jumpsuit with a one shoulder sleeve and skinny leg opening.

$99, sizes 1x-3x

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