How To Get Sleek & Chic Shiny Straight Hair With SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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Hey curvy girls all over the world,

I don’t know about you, but I am super excited for the Fall 2015. I’ve been catching up on fall fashion trends by reading all the September magazines. I have a shopping list of all the trends and styles that I want to try. In addition to being excited about fall fashion, I am even more excited for fall beauty. I can’t wait to try all the new lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and rich pigmented blushes that will upgrade my look.

Now that I have fashion and beauty all mapped out, I have been thinking a lot about my hair. I always wear my hair with loose wavy curls and even on lazy

days I just run my fingers through the curls and leave them messy. This season I want something a little more sleek, chic, and easy to manage.  Since I have relaxed hair, the most important thing for me to keep my hair looking healthy is to use products that moisturize my hair. In order for me to keep my hair straight and sleek, it requires me to use heat styling tools to get that straight chic look.

Recently, I received some cool hair products from a Target Beauty Box. One of the products I received in the box was SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor oil. Let me tell you guys, I really like this product because it’s perfect for relaxed hair. It helps to prevent breakage, it is also a heat protectant for when I curl my hair, and it helps to keep my hair shiny without looking greasy. I love that it has peppermint and keratin in it. It’s also animal cruelty-free.sheamoistureIn order for me to get straight sleek hair, I used the SheaMoisture styling lotion, a flat iron, and a bristle brush.sheamoisture styling lotionIn order to prep my hair, I used a fine tooth comb, some bobby pins, and an edge control gel.sheamoisture styling lotion 2The first thing I do is take a small amount of the SheaMoisture styling lotionsheamoisture styling lotion 3And massage it through my hair from ends to root.sheamoisture styling lotion 4I then used the bobby pins to section my hair into 3 parts.

sheamoisture styling lotion 5I took a fine tooth comb to smooth out any tangles in my hair

sheamoisture styling lotion 6After smoothing out the tangles, I begin to flat iron pieces of my hair in layers.sheamoisture styling lotion 7I do it repeatedly and as you can see the styling lotion is providing a lot of shinesheamoisture styling lotion 8After I finish flat ironing each section, I tame and smooth out my edges with a clear edge control gel.sheamoisture styling lotion 9I take the bristle brush and brush all my hair straight back to make sure all the hair is smooth and straight.

sheamoisture styling lotion 11And that’s it. My sleek, chic, easy-to-manage hair look for fall.sheamoisture styling lotion 10

What fall hair styles will you be trying and what are your favorite styling products?

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