Skinny My Jeans, Please!

Do you ever wake up in the morning sometimes and look in the mirror and just say to your yourself. “I have a pretty nice body.” Of course, every morning isn’t that way, but you get atleast one feel good body moment a month. Well, yesterday, I had one of those mornings. It was casual Friday at work and I woke up feeling so good about myself that I grabbed my skinny ankle zipper jeans with a white collared shirt and my favorite black blazer that I bought at the gap. I put on my beige snakeskin 4 inch Nine West pumps and Michael Kors (Another one of my favorite designers) shades and walked to the train station listening to my summer anthem “Diva” by Beyonce on my ipod. In the words of Kanye West, ” You could’nt tell me nothing.”

Of course I took a slow walk to the train because whenever I think I look cute and I try to walk fast, I seem to miss a step and trip over my feet. Whenever I trip, I always think about Jerome from Martin and I say to myself, “I’m too smooth to be embarrased.” But, I still feel stupid inside.

I don’t know what it is about skinny jeans but, I just love them. They accentuate your hips and I swear they lift your butt. When worn with high heels you can’t help but to get your Naomi Campbell walk on. Skinny jeans on a big butt, wide hips, or thick legs, brings a hint of sexiness when worn with the right top. Unfortunately, all skinny jeans are not made equal so be sure to take heed to my tips below:

1) If your hips are the most prominent part of your body (I say let it all hang out), but if you are not at that level of comfortability with that part of your body, you should wear a top that hits you at the top to mid section of the hips. This will make it look as if you lost a few inches in your hip area and it gives you a nice proportion and balance.

2) If you have a big butt and you want to show it off, get a pair of skinny jeans with back pocket designs or try a colored pair of skinny jeans. These are great from Dereon for $69 sizes 1/2-11/12 and the fushia skinny pants from Tripp jeans at for $48 sizes 12-24

Or if you have slim legs and want to pum up the size of your butt, Alloy has a great pair for $29.50 and they come in sizes 1-25.

3) If you want to de-emphasize your rear a simple medium to dark wash looks great, but make sure to get a top that will jazz up(old school word) the jeans. Forever 21’s plus size line Faith 21 $38 sizes 12-24

4) If you have thick thighs take it easy on the tightness of the skinny jeans. Make sure you look for a pair that has a soft cotton spandex blend and feel or twill.

Many fashion stylist will tell you that if you are curvy you should skip the skinny jeans and wear straight leg jeans. Or if you are curvy never wear ligh colored pants. It is my belief that you do not have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans and as you continue to follow my blog, you will find out that I ignore fashion rules because fashion is supposed to be fun and creative and not restrictive. I agree that you should buy items that flatter your bottom, but I disagree with having a wadrobe witht he same cut and style of clothing. I say shake up your wadrobe and try some of the new trends.

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