Style Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I need a little style inspiration when I feel like I need new work clothes. Whenever I get like that, I re-read my fashion magazines and watch reruns of What Not to Wear. Today I decided to take a look back at Elena Miro’s Fall 2009 collection. I have to say, I am feeling inspired again. I love the models shapely bodies. I may do a little Tae Bo too. A workout always makes me feel good.

I love this dress. It simple yet sexy. The material looks rich and soft. A great cut and silhouette if you have or are trying to creat curves. This is a closet staple.
 These are not your everyday coats. These are evening coats that are meant to make you standout from the crowd. They scream I have money. Even if you don’t people will think you do.
What are your thoughts on these pieces? Loving it or Hating it?

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