Stylish Curves:Chrissette Michele

 Chrissette Michele

Chrissette Michele not only has an amazing voice, she also has amazing style. Since she stepped on the seen I have been watching her every style move. Her voluptuous curvacious body is hypnotizing and her swagger is enviable. Chrissette moves to her own fashion beat in a world that says you can’t be fashionable if you’re above a size 10. I think Chrissette is a great fashion role model for curvy women.

What I love about Chrissette is that her style is unique. She is fearless in her fashion choices and her curves are always looking right. You can always find her in leggings, a great pair of heels, leather gloves, and a cool looking jacket or vest.
Get Chrissette’s edgier looks with these key items:
White Blazer
Sequin & Latex Leggings
Leather Gloves
Fur Vest           
Leather Bomber
Hot Heels
Left to Right
1.Target blazer $15.74, sizes 14W-26W
2. Banana Republic blazer $49.99, sizes 00-16
3. Torrid Vest- $39.99, sizes 10-26
4. Forever 21. $24.80, sizes S-L
5. Sequin Leggings $88.50 Victoria Secret, sizes 0-18
6. Latex leggings, Wet Seal,  sizes 1X-3X, $18.509
7. Leather Gloves, Southcombe, $54
7. Bomber Jacket, $68, sizes 14-26
8. Bomber Jacket,, sizes S-L, $69
9. Shoes:The Highest Heel $48,
10. NYLA, $90
Sexy Chrissette
Lace Dress
Fitted Satin Dresses
Sexy Evening Heels
Left to Right
1. Kiyonna Dress $178, sizes 10-32
2. Top Shop Dress, $80
3. Calvin Klein satin dress $104, sizes 14-24
4. Jessica McClintock gold satin dress, $188, Sizes 0-14
5. Nine West silver sandals, $89
6. Two Lips Booties $69.95

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