Finally H&M responds to why the 34th street store was cutting up clothes and throwing them away, but, the response sounds rehearsed.
Check it out:
“It will not happen again,” said Nicole Christie, a spokeswoman for H & M in New York. “We are committed 100 percent to make sure this practice is not happening anywhere else, as it is not our standard practice.”
Ms. Christie said it was H & M’s policy to donate unworn clothing to charitable groups. She said that she did not know why the store on 34th Street was slashing the clothes, and that the company was checking to make sure that none of its other stores were doing so.

In my opinion the response comes a little too late. Once they were contacted by the NYT a general response should have been made immediately and then a more detailed response should have come atleast a few hours later. They should have called the store manager at 34th street to get their side of the story and then damage control should have been in full effect. The NYT tried to reach H&M 10 times and they received no response. Obviously, there must be some truth to this and they were just caught with their pants down.

Not only do I believe this will happen again, I believe they will try to find a better way to destroy the clothes that doesn’t leave a trail. The bottom line to me is that someone at corporate had to give them the okay to cut up and throw away the clothes. Why would the store do this on their own?

Let me know your thoughts?


OMG! According to the New York Times H&M cuts up and throws away unworn clothes that they can’t sell anymore. I know what your thinking. Who in their right mind would okay something like this.
Here is an excerpt from the article:

At the back entrance on 35th Street, awaiting trash haulers, were bags of garments that appear to have never been worn. And to make sure that they never would be worn or sold, someone had slashed most of them with box cutters or razors, a familiar sight outside H & M’s back door. The man and woman were there to salvage what had not been destroyed.

My  mouth fell wide open as I was reading this article. As cold as it is, a clothing store has the audacity to throw out perfectly unworn clothes. Many people are asking why not just donate the clothes to charity? Unfortunately H&M has yet to respond to this question as well as the allegations. H&M is one of those stores that has tons of clothes and they receive new shipment on a daily basis. It truly boggles me that the company would deliberately do this, especially with so many families and homeless people who need clothes. Maybe they need to start an outlet store or do some buy one get one free sales oppose to destroying the clothes.

Check out this woman holding up the mutilated H&M shirt.

In my opinion there is no good reason that they could provide to why they are cutting up and throwing out these unworn items.This reminds me of a saying that extremely passionate lovers tell their companions right before they kill them, “If I can’t have you, no one will.”

For more on the story check out: NYT and NY Mag.
Let me know your thoughts!


ANTM Winner Graces The Cover Of Plus Size Magazine by Alissa

ANTM cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson graces the cover of PLUS Model magazine’s January issue. Whitney was the first plus size model to win ANTM. The curvy beauty says:
“I think that one of the reasons I am so confident is because I have been on the other side where I was never skinny enough, never good enough. I am very passionate about not letting other people go through that.”
I have to admit that I have not seen much from Whitney besides the Seventeen spread and the Cover Girl ads. Currently she has a jewelry line which you can purchase at
Let me know your thoughts.

Website Discovery by Alissa

2010 has just begun and I can’t wait for the spring to come. As I was surfing the internet I came across an advertising for a website called Mod Cloth. With moderately priced clothing this site is sure to have pieces that will brighten up your wardrobe. I fell in love with the sweet colorful dresses and their great assortment of standout heels. Oh, and they carry sizes 2-14 and XS-XL. The site reminds me of a much affordable Anthropologie. When visiting the site make sure to check out their home department.

Check out a few of their pieces:


A Curvy Girl Do Or Don’t

Curvy girl Jennifer Lopez rocks a gray courduroy jumpsuit. I am all for a jumpsuit that hugs curves in all the right places, but, I think this one is a little too tight. Her body looks great, but, this jumper does not flatter. There is too much pulling in the crotch area and the color washes her out. The matching shoes makes the outfit look bland and dated.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you put your curvy body in something this tight and light?


Curvy Girl Fashion Comeback


What To Wear For New Years

Six New Years Eve dresses guaranteed to flatter your curves, accentuate the waist, and turn heads.
1. Vintage Black London Brocade Dress Torrid
2. Textured Tube Dress $42.99 Plus Size Fix
Chiffon & Lace
3. Shimmer Stripe Chiffon Dress $79.50 Lane Bryant
4. Lace Sheath Dress $79.50 Lane Bryant
5. Purple SParkling Cocktail Dress $39.99 Plus Size Fix
6. Disco Sexy Gold Mini Dress Plus Size Fix

Happy Holidays

I will be spending the next couple of days with my family and thinking up new ways to keep your curves stylish. So, I wish you and your families a wonderful and safe holiday.


Stylish Curves of the Day

Today’s Stylish Curves goes to Natasha.

Natasha says: I get my style cues from Gwen Stefani and Kim Kardashian. I love Garbrielle Union and Kerry Washingtion with some Alicia Keys.
What I like about Natasha’s style is that it is fun and girly. I do see Gwen Stefani’s influence in both of her looks. Her hair and makeup has a pin-up vibe and gives her a standout look.
Get Natasha’s style with these pieces:
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