Channeling My Inner Peggy Bundy With These Leopard Print Plus Size Skinny Pants

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

I’ve always associated leopard print with Peggy Bundy from Married With Children. As a kid, I remember watching the show and liking Peggy’s tacky style. She would eat bon bon’s and sit on the couch in a leopard print dress or body suit. I use to think her look was a sexy, tacky, housewife. Weird, I know.

Recently, I had a chance to channel my inner Peggy Bundy. I found a pair of leopard print skinny pants from Old Navy that Peggy Bundy would approve of.  They were slim in the leg and they flattened my tummy. Old Navy has some super cute pants in plus sizes. They are always roomy in the leg for comfort.

I paired them with a leather moto jacket and black suede pumps. I even added a black body suit. Something I’m sure Peggy Bundy would have done. It’s funny how a show I watched as a child influenced my style as an adult.

Moto Jacket, Leopard Pants, Suede Pumps

Are you guys into leopard print?

Also, who remembers Married With Children?

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