Comfortable & Stylish Wide Width Shoes Up To Size 13

It can be difficult to find stylish comfortable wide width shoes. It’s even more difficult to find them if you wear a size 11 or larger. As a member of the big foot committee, I’m always on the hunt to find shoes that are cute and fit my size 11 wide feet. Since its fall, I’ve been looking for some new shoes to add to my wardrobe. Recently, I checked out J. Renee shoes and spotted a few snazzy pairs of fall shoes. J. Renee has been in the shoe business for 40 years and the best thing about their brand is that they offer medium and wide width sizes ranging from 7-13.

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I’ve teamed up with J. Renee to be a shoe ambassador and share with you all the stylish wide width shoes they have. What I like about this brand is that the have so many feminine styles and the shoes are comfortable. They have a luxe collection which features an assortment of classic styles. One pair that caught my eye was a red pair of cobra heels.

Stylish Comfortable Wide Width Shoes

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stylish comfortable wide width shoes from J. renee

The heels are not super high and they are designed with a foam cushion on the inside, which makes them very comfortable and easy to wear. They’re genuine leather and have a snakeskin outer layer. Ya’ll know I love me a good red shoe, so I had to snatch them up.

stylish comfortable wide width shoes from j. renee

A lot of you always ask me about wearing heels and how I am able to. I always say start low and then graduate to higher heels. The Cobra style is only 3 inches and with the foam insole, walking in these will be a breeze.

stylish comfortable wide width shoes from j.renee

Since I am a brand ambassador, I was able to hook you up with a discount. If you checkout J. Renee and use code: JRLOVE2 you can get 20% off your FULL price order. They have a huge selection of wide width shoes ranging from heels to boots to flats.

Here are a few more stylish comfortable wide width shoes from J. Renee











  1. October 14, 2018 / 12:36 pm

    Love me some J Renee — their shoes fit my wide feet in beauty and comfort

  2. October 14, 2018 / 5:18 pm

    I believe that I still have a few J Renee shoes in my closet. I am a 12ww.

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