Keeping It Chic In Eloquii Plus Size Striped Ruffled Pants

My junior year in high school was probably the moment I realized what my personal style truly was. Before my junior year, I went through quite a few phases where I dressed up like a boy. I wore baggy pants, oversized shirts, and sneakers. It was the 90’s and hip hop was taking over. So, I dressed to mimic some of my favorite rappers. At that time I thought I was going to be a rapper but gave up on that dream. During my junior year in high school I discovered fashion magazines and immediately became smitten with the models that were dressed in feminine chic clothing and sky high heels. Flipping through the pages of Marie Claire, Glamour, and Essence made me want to dress like the models I saw. I wanted a style that was polished, chic, and classic.

When I went shopping I would look for things that fit me like it was tailored and I would look for pieces that were trendy but still fit into my new found classic style. To this day, my style has very much remained chic and classic. I love edgy and sexy clothing as well and I find ways to incorporate them in my wardrobe. However, classic is truly who I am.

This spring and summer I have been on the hunt for pieces that are trendy but have a sleek and chic appeal. I found a pair of striped floral detailed pants and a one shoulder ruffled top that made for a perfect combination.

Eloquii side ruffled pants,(gifted) JCP Ruffled Top

Eloquii is one of those brands that does a great job of producing pieces that are trendy, modern, and chic. These ruffles pants were just that. I loved the belted waist and the side ruffles were not overwhelming.

I could have worn a colored top with it but I wanted to create that classic black and white combination, so I opted for a black one shoulder ruffled top and tucked it into the pants. The top hit the right note with the pants. This look also really spoke to my classic and polished personal style.

How would you guys describe your personal style?

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