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Today, we are kicking off a new feature called, “A Day In The Life Of.” This feature is dedicated to women who are working hard in the fashion industry to bridge the gap between straight and plus-size’s. I will be bringing you exclusive interviews with designers, models, writers, and bloggers who are all in the fight for the advancement of plus size women. Today, I share with you my interview with Plus Model Magazine’s editor and chief. This is quite a lengthy post so I suggest that you get you a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the new feature. Please share your feedback. I’d love to hear it.

A Day In The Life Of Plus Model Magazine’s Editor & Chief, Madeline Figueroa Jones:
This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity of sitting down with one of the leaders in the plus-size community, the EIC of Plus Model Magazine, Madeline Figueroa Jones. My first encounter with Madeline aka Maddy was almost 3 years ago. As a contributor for The Budget Fashionista, I had the opportunity to go to Lane Bryant’s first blogger conference. We were the only two attendees who were coming from NYC. From our first introduction we hit it off immediately. Throughout the conference we got to know each other a little more and after the conference our flight was delayed for two hours and we spent the entire time talking and realized how much we had in common. She was a mom, I was a mom and our children’s birthday’s were one day apart.  I lived in Bayridge, her family lived in Staten Island a few minutes from Bayridge. She was a model, I used to want to be a model. And the conversation just went on and on. Since then, our friendship continued with quickie lunches and long dinners in lower Manhattan.

One of the things I admire most about Maddy is her relentless passion for the betterment of the plus size fashion and modeling industries. She’s like the big sister you go and get when someone is messing with you. She plays no games when it comes to discrimination in the plus size community. You better watch out. I’ve never met anyone that made me want to tie a scarf around my head, roll up my sleeves, pump my fist, and say, “I’m proud to be plus.” Maddy is one of those women who is fearless and follows her heart. It’s those characteristics that has made Plus Model Magazine the #1 plus magazine in the industry. Some of you may think that Plus Model Magazine just appeared and garnered all this success. What you don’t know is that Plus Model Magazine has been working towards their success for over 5 years and the world is finally catching on and understanding their message. They have an amazing team of stylists, writers, photographers, PR, and marketing execs that help keep the magazine going.

I sat down with Maddy to get the scoop on how she does it all, from managing a booming career to her home life. Maddy also dishes on her favorite designers and how Plus Model Magazine started.

Checkout me and Maddy chatting it up on a photoshoot set for an upcoming issue of Plus Model Magazine:

Let me know your thoughts after the video.

Also, checkout a few snapshots I took while at the shoot.


Photoshoot wardrobe

 One of  my fave PMM Stylist’s, Steffany Allen

Model Check

Me trying to live out my model dreams. LOL! I’ll stick to writing. Thanks Luke!

WIW/vest-f21,skirt-f21, top-H&M
Where the photo magic happens
Me and my Maddy


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  2. Anonymous
    May 24, 2012 / 1:55 pm

    great interview, simply awesome.

  3. LaCara
    May 24, 2012 / 5:11 pm

    Great interview! Maddy is so inspiring, and I hope to meet her one day! Great job Alissa! 😀 x

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