Fashion Trends To Ditch And Try In 2016

fashion trends to ditch

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

We are officially two weeks into 2016 and I wanted to help you guys jump start a new year with some fashion trends you should ditch and try in 2016. Two weeks ago I went on Instagram and asked what trends you would like to see go away in 2016 and some of you really went in. Lol!instagram (817x512)

So, I also thought it would be fun to look back on some trends that we drove into the ground in 2015 and no longer want to wear in 2016. For each trend you guys wanted to get rid of, I have a replacement for it. Let’s take a look at what fashion trends to ditch and try in 2016.

Disclaimer: You can wear whatever you want. If you still like a trend, by all means wear it til the thread falls out. This post is meant to be fun yet helpful. Hope you enjoy.

Ready? Here we go!

Ditching Crop Tops in 2016?f3aa6298293ee39014385f679b0e0473_bestForever 21 Plus Metallic crop top

Crop tops was the most listed trend to ditch in 2016. You guys expressed your disdain for crop tops. I can’t lie, they have been over done. However, wearing a crop top has started body positive movements. Remember, the article we wrote? Read it HERE  I personally don’t think crop tops are going anywhere in 2016. What say you?

Ditching Cold Shoulder in 2016?4ddcb1cd1f4b7a6b39d30c141146e8e0_best

Charlotte Russe cold shoulder top

I was so surprised that many of you are completely over cold shoulder anything. I like cold shoulder, so I will continue wearing them but, if you don’t like cold shoulder, then a really sexy alternative is off the shoulder aka the bardot style.

Try off the shoulderimage4xxl

ASOS Curve Bardot Dress

Ditching Capes in 2016?plus size capeSimply Be Cape

I was surprised quite a few of you were not feeling capes anymore. Why? I am so here for capes. However, in 2015 capes were everywhere, so I can understand how one could possibly become sick of them. If you don’t like capes, then

Try a sleeveless vesttorrid sleeveless vest

Remember when I wore this Torrid Vest a few months ago (seen HERE) it’s a nice alternative to a cape.

Ditching sweatpants with heels in 2016?rihanna sweatpants and heels

Not a fan of sweat pants with heels then try a pair of denim joggers with heels. You still get a casual yet dressed up look.

Try denim joggersdenim joggersForever 21 Plus Denim Joggers


In my opinion, mixed prints will always be in style. However, if you’re over them, try a monochromatic look. Choose a color that is flattering to your skin tone and rock it head to toe.

Try a monochromatic look922df994a37722445fb1e0179ab9979a

Ditching Harem Pants in 2016?_11589382

Now, I am totally team NO MORE HAREM PANTS. However, if you like them. By all means rock them. Now, if you’re like me and are not a fan then instead of harem pants,

Try a pair of culottes

1171919_100_3Eloquii suede culottes

Ditching Maxi shirt in 2016?at1595p-1_brittnee04_0342

Death to the maxi shirt trend. This trend had mixed reviews. We actually wrote about it HERE. If you’re not a fan of maxi shirts then try a longline shirt. It’s long enough to cover your butt but short enough to still show off your legs.

Try a longline shirtpg671_whitecheck_lSimply Be longline shirt

That’s it! What trend would you like to ditch or try in 2016, leave a comment?


  1. January 16, 2016 / 1:13 am

    Love the article Alyssa. Surprised how many people do not like crop tops. I love them especially with modi skirts. I am team bye cold shoulder too. Shocked to read about the Capes. I believe capes are here to stay and will be the classic staple in every ladies wardrobe.

  2. January 16, 2016 / 1:15 am

    Meant midi skirts.

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