Fashions Night Out

Ok, so, yesterday I was on a mission to get the greatest pics of the most fashionable people and celebs for you guys , but, that did not happen. I missed the Rachel Roy show at Macy’s and I tried to get a glimpse of Michael Kors, but, they had him in a secluded area behind a black curtain with a bodyguard. You had to buy an $85 bottle of his new perfume Very Hollwood (It smells really good) to get a picture with him. 
However, I did get one shot last night of Ms. J from America’s Next Top Model. He was at H&M in Herald Square showing girls how to walk the runway. The girls were given mini makeovers and some were put in H&M clothing and they strutted their stuff down the runway. There were very little discounts on clothes, but the atmosphere was really fun and exciting.

Ms. J really knows how to walk. I always thought it was just a bunch of hype, but his walk is SERIOUS. From the neck down you would think he was a woman with those long slender


I did have a chance to stop over at Banana Republic and they were having mini makeovers with champagne. They were offering a 25% discount off of full price merchandise. The streets were packed with people just like me looking to spot a few celebs and some people were out there really shopping for a new Fall wardrobe.
The big question is, was this night profitable for retail stores? Once I find out, I will let you know.
Now, she has Stylish Curves
The girl above walked down the runway with Ms. J and she had on a great casual outfit that emphasized her small waist. I love the scarf and the boots. This is a great Saturday afternoon lets go to the movies kind of look.
Let’s Recreate Her Look:
Shirt Dress Old Navy,$29.50, sizes XS-XXL. Black Leggings, Gap, $15, Sizes XS-XXL, Suede Boots, American Eagle for Payless, $39.99, sizes 6-10. Belt, NY&C, $22.95, sizes S-XL. Knit Scarf, Banana Republic, $50.


  1. hicksm21
    September 12, 2009 / 12:25 pm

    i like what ms. J has on. I hate the way that girl looks in the picture but I do get the look she is trying to go for. I hate the scarf and the belt together and she looks very restrictive at the neck. I like more simple outfits.

  2. September 12, 2009 / 9:05 pm

    Well, I think the outfit is simple. She just added accessories to bring a little creativity to the outfit. The neck on the dress could be unbutton to give a little more room at the neck. I think the scarf makes the outfit a little bit more interesting.

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