Get Your Shop On! Loft Plus Sizes Will Be Available In Stores

You know we always say that the one thing the plus size fashion industry is missing is more brick and mortar stores. For some reason we still lack in that area. However, over the past 3 years we have seen minor growth. Eloquii has opened up a total of 5 stores. Other online only plus size retailers have been doing pop up stores. Nonetheless, plus size women are in need of more physical stores to shop in. This week Loft Plus announced that their plus size clothing will be available in select stores across the country.

Last year Loft launched a full plus size line and they’ve been selling out of pieces left and right since. So, its really no surprise that they are adding it in stores. Most plus size women get upset when brands add a plus size line but only offer it online. Loft did a smart thing when they launched their plus size line. They did pop up parties within select stores for the launch.

Since the line has been doing well, they’re now making their full plus size line available in store. In a newsletter this week, they made the announcement and listed all the stores Loft Plus will be in.

They haven’t listed actual dates yet but my best guess is that all the stores should have plus sizes available by September. Here in NYC you will be able to find plus sizes in the Flatiron store at 156 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10010.

Checkout the full list of stores that will carry Loft Plus

This is very exciting. It’s also a great opportunity for other retailers to see the importance of not only having plus sizes available online but in store.


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