On The Scene: Breakfast With Iris Apfel And WiseWear

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

So, a few weeks ago, I was invited to have breakfast with fashion icon Iris Apfel in honor of her new collaboration with health and fitness accessory brand, WiseWear. WiseWear teamed up with Apfel for a new luxury smart jewelry collection that features innovative technology, Wise Wear says, “The smart jewelry collection was created to inspire women to be safe, connected, and in tune with their health and wellness.”unnamed (3) (768x1024)

The Iris Apfel and WiseWear smart jewelry collection is called “The Socialite Collection” where they’ve combined fashion and technology into a bracelet which is made up off brass and plated in precious metals. Each of the WiseWear bracelets offer technical components that help women to track their daily physical activity, count calories, and distress messaging. The distress messaging feature can truly be a life saver if you’re in trouble or being harmed. It can get a help message out. The Iris Arpfel And WiseWear jewelry collection is also compatible with your smart phone. You can receive and manage real-time notifications for phone calls, texts, and emails. It’s basically your life on your wrist. unnamed (768x1024)

When I arrived at the breakfast, I sat down on the couch in the lobby of the Carlyle hotel and out walks Iris. She walks right up to me and says, “Who are you?” I said, “Alissa from Stylish Curves, can we take a selfie.” We both laughed and I got to interview her about the collaboration and also I got some fashion tips, which I will be sharing later this week.

I asked Iris what made her partner with WiseWear and she said, “I think its a very worthwhile enterprise. The bracelets are high fashion pieces which are going to be at different price levels. We are also going to be doing necklaces and belt buckles.”


We had a lovely assigned seating breakfast and were gifted one of the socialite WiseWear bracelets.unnamed (4) (768x1024)

I had cornflake crusted french toast, which was sweet and crunchy.unnamed (6) (768x1024)

For the event, I wore a check print blazer from Lane Bryant, a pair of leather leggings from Fashion To Figure, a tie neck blouse from Wendy Williams HSN collection, and a pair of red pumps from Diane Von Furstenberg.unnamed (7) (768x1024)

You can shop the WiseWear Socialite collection HEREunnamed (1) (768x1024)



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