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Hey there curvy ladies,

I have lived in NYC my whole life and I have never been a fan of the cold weather. Its an impossible feat to show off a cute outfit in a bulky coat, scarf, and hat. The cold weather can really be a hater when it comes to being cute but there is always a way around it. I’m going to piggy back off of Alissa who shows us how to layer for the cold weather and still be cute and fabulous (seen here).

Let’s see how to layer for a perfect cold weather date night look. You want to be cute and stylish but you don’t want to risk warmth to be cute. Let’s start with undergarments you want to wear a thick pair of tights or you can wear leggings under your sheer stockings. This will help to keep your legs warm. Pair your favorite dress with a fitted blazer. The blazer would add you a classic look and keep you warm at the same time. Scarves, hat and gloves are a great accessories to add color to your outfit.

Some steps to remember:

  • 1. Layer with thin garments .
  • 2. When wearing a skirt or dress wear thick tights or wear 2 pair.
  • 3. Blazers, denim jackets and light jackets are perfect to layer.
  • 4. Have fun when looking for hats, gloves and scarves. Go crazy with color, prints and fabrics.

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Let’s do another look for causal day hanging out with the girls. Start with your favorite pair of jeans, wear them with thick leggings or tights with thick stocks. Chunky sweater are perfection because they keep you warm and they come in cute styles and colors, which are always a must when showing off your personal style.

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Have fun with your footwear you can never go wrong with a cute ankle boots that can beat the snow and be stylish. Cardigans are perfect to throw on to help keep you warm. Don’t let the gold weather stop your from being fabulous and remember Spring is around the corner.

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What do you think about our layering tips? Do you have layering tips you want to share?


  1. January 22, 2014 / 12:43 pm

    This is exactly what I have been looking for! I keep telling my friends you can dress cute in the winter as long as you layer. Thanks again for a wonderful piece.

    • Alissa
      January 23, 2014 / 10:08 am

      Yes Jackie! Layering can be tricky but I think Kawana definitely gave some great tips.

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