Must Have Fall Trends of 2019 & Where To Shop Them In Plus Sizes

Fashion week for spring/summer 2020 just wrapped and it has me extremely excited for whats to come next year. It also put me in the mood to get started on fall shopping. There’s just something about seeing the way clothes are styled for the runway that makes me want to shop for some new clothes. Fall is my second favorite season and I can’t wait to fill my closet with some of the popular trends this year. While no trend is ever really new, its nice to see some styles that went away revisit us again.

This year the fall trends are statement making and edgy. Trends that fell out of style are now back with a twist. The best thing about all of the new fall trends is that plus size women can get it on them too. Back in the day, plus size fashion lovers would have to wait to the next year to shop the trends from their favorite brands.

Plus size fashion has come an extremely long way and we no longer have to wait for trendy pieces. Below is a breakdown of the the must have fall fashion trends for 2019 and where you can shop them in plus. Just consider this your shopping guide. So bookmark this article if you need to.

Top Fall Fashion Trends of 2019

Leather is Back

Technically leather never really left. It just took a backseat. Now its back and better than ever. Plus there are a bevy of plus size designers and retail brands that have created some modern leather looks. Designers like Alexander McQueen and Altuzarra featured some tough leather looks. There were a few leather on leather ensembles that made a statement.

If you are not into wearing real leather, you can definitely find a slew of stylish well made faux leather pieces to update your wardrobe with the trends.

Faux Leather Dress

If you’re looking for an epic leather look, checkout these leather pieces that range from faux leather pants and dresses to skirts and tops.

Just click on the photo of the item you want.

Snakeskin Print

Animal prints are reigning supreme this fall season. However, there is one print that is slowly dethroning leopard. Snakeskin is everywhere and a quite refreshing. Go for a cute snakeskin print top or dress this fall. Especially if you’re looking to step out your comfort zone.

Snakeskin Dress

Shop the snakeskin print in plus sizes.


From blazers to dresses, plaid is going strong for fall

Checkout these plus size plaid styles

Puffed Sleeves

A little puffy sleeves will help to make your fall outfits look more stylish and interesting.

Shop these puff sleeved tops and dresses for fall

Leopard Print

I’m seriously tired of seeing leopard print listed as a trend. It’s a classic staple and I wish the fashion world would treat it as such. Nevertheless, its back again and I know you’re seeing it everywhere in stores and online. Just to play along, checkout these super cute leopard print pieces below.

Leopard Jumpsuit

Checkout these plus size leopard print styles


Now this is a refreshing trend. Satin midi skirts are a fall must have. You’ve probably seen a few of them popping up during the summer. Well, this fall season get ready to see more.

Satin Midi SKirt

Shop satin midi skirts

Checkout this fall trend try on haul video. Also subscribe to the Stylish Curves Youtube Channel

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