My Coachella Beauty & Fashion Essentials

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

If you follow me on social media then you know I am in Palm Springs getting my life at Coachella. I’ve always wanted to go to Coachella so when I got the official word that I would be attending the music festival this year, I had to do a cart wheel in my living room. I almost knocked over the book case but I was too excited. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out what I was going to bring with me. I needed to think about clothes, makeup, shoes, and accessories.

Since this was my first time going to a music festival ever, I figured it would be a hot and dusty experience. So, I wanted to bring things that would keep me cool, comfortable, ad cute. For clothes, I brought shorts, rompers, and a maxi dress. I will show you my outfits in a later post this week. As for makeup, I brought with me my most hardcore foundation that can withstand any heat advisory. I also made sure I included facial spray to keep me cool and matte. I think the most important thing I brought with me were flats and sneakers.

Its only day two here and I’ve probably walked about 40 miles within two days. So flats are absolutely necessary. When it came to accessories, I made sure to pack a flower crown. I mean its a music festival, so flower crowns are an absolute must. I also picked up a small cross body bag to hold my wallet and phone charger. In addition to a small bag, I also brought shades with me. Trust me when I say shades are necessary. There is a lot of dirty and the sun darn near beams a hole in your face.

I also packed a few floral off the shoulder dresses from Simply Be for outfits. Florals were my theme. Dresses were essential for me because you can move around with ease in them. Plus its so much easier to go to the bathroom in a dress. LOL! These are some of the pieces I ordered from Simply Be for my Coachella trip.

Floral Maxi Dress


Floral Dress

Yellow off the shoulder dressSo, these are my Coachella essentials. Even if I wasn’t at Coachella these would be my music festival essentials. Stay tuned for my outfit posts this week as well as posts on all the fly plus size girls I saw.


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