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Stylish Curves is about bridging the gap between missy curves and plus size curves. I strongly believe that as women we all have a connection when it comes to our bodies, and that is wanting our bodies to look their best in clothes. I know there are many designers who are opposed to adding larger sizes to their fashion lines and that is their choice.  However, there are designers out there that are making clothes for plus size and missy sizes. With that being said, I present to you an online boutique that is helping to bridge that gap.

Curvaceous Boutique is an affordably priced online boutique that predominantly carries plus size clothes from sizes 14W-30W and junior sizes 0-15.

I love the stylish and trendy designs that this boutique offers. The cuts are not boxy and the dress lengths are not down to your ankles. The designs are young, fun, and flirty. I see women of all ages wearing these clothes. These pieces can be easily worn to a casual dinner or a night out on the town. I am in love with the black ruffled jumpsuit and the key hole cut teal dress. The colors are rich and the materials are of quality. These pieces will accentuate all your curves in the right way. I can’t wait to see more from this boutique. They also carry other designers such as Kiyonna, Mecca Femme, Size Appeal, Spanx, Boom Boom, and Doll house.

Check out my picks:


Ashley Open Shoulder Jumper


Mini Key Hole Dress, Color Block Dress


Junior Sizes

They also carry accessories from earrings to clutches to bracelets. Check it out.




According to the website:
Cassandra Savage affectionately known as “Ms. Curvaceous” is a pioneer in the fashion industry whose talents and expertise span a wide range of specialties. An African-American who is at the heart of the fashion, she possesses a unique ability to merge cultures through a shared appreciation for style

The Brand

Curvaceous Boutique is an astonishing specialty boutique that produces enthusiast clientele. Curvaceous Boutique is committed to making our customers feel “Exceptional” and to give them a sense of pride when they are shopping in our store by offering quality merchandise that is “exclusive” and by giving them exceptional service. Ms. Cassandra Savage, owner has built the Curvaceous Boutique excellent reputation by “evaluating” each customer’s requests and specials needs with the assistance of her expertly trained staff.

If you live in Virginia you can check out the boutique at:
549 Newtown Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
(757)-456-0011 Store

or shop online at


Michelle Obama graces the cover of Glamour Magazine

First Lady Michelle Obama graces the cover of Glamour Magazine. This is a historic moment for Glamour magazine because this is the first time they have ever had a First Lady on their cover.


New Book About Mrs. Obama’s Style

Word on the street is that there is a new book out today about Mrs. Obama’s style. The book is titled, Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy. The author Mary Tomer is a contributing editor and co-founder of, a website dedicated to following Michelle Obama’s fashion.
Read more at:

The book contians over 120 photographs and illustrations of Mrs. Obama’s style. It includes quotes on Mrs. Obama’s style from everyday women as well as interviews with some of her favorite designers.

My guess is that this will be more of a look book to be inspired by Michelle Obama’s style.

What I love about her style is that you can relate to it and it is affordable. Although Michelle is a very fit person, she still has curves. I am quite sure those curvy hips is what got President Obama hooked on her in the first place. Her look is never frumpy  or stuffy like previous First Ladies. I like to think of her style as lady like chic because of the florals, crisp collars, cardigans, and kitten heels that she wears. It’s like June Cleaver meets Claire Huxtable.

I think this will make a great coffee table read. Will you be purchasing?

Check out some of the illustrations:

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Monif C. Winter Coat Shopping Event, Thursday October 29th

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Designer Highlight/CJ By Cookie Johnson

Last week Oprah had Magic Johnson’s wife Cookie Johnson on her show to promote her new jean line, CJ by Cookie Johnson. Then, last night while reading one of my favorite blogs I read a post about the same jean line CJ by Cookie Johnson. So, I had to bring it to you guys because the jean line is sized from 2-18 (I know, you don’t have to tell me).

Cookie joined forces with 7 for All Mankind jeans designer and claims to have created the perfect jean for real curvy women. The styles are current and cute and can be easily worked into your wardrobe. Right now these jeans can be purchased at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. They are a bit pricey for jeans, averaging about $200, but, if they are really that great the $200 will be worth it.

Check out Oprah and two other real women rocking the CJ by Cookie Johnson jean line:

Photos are from


Skinny Girl Fashion for Curves/Gabrielle Union’s Style

Gabrielle Union is one of Black Hollywood’s favorite actresses. She has that girl next door look. You know, the girl that looks great in jeans and a t-shirt and looks hot in a simple sexy dress.  Last week she was spotted at the 2009 Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Awards in a white long sleeve draped ruched dress. The draped ruching look is a hot trend this fall. Get Gabrielle’s look for your curves.

Top: Gayla Bentley, Sizes 14-28, Skirt:, Sizes 10-28
Cole Haan $109, Michael Kors $140, Charles David $150
Antonio Melani $99, Rampage $68, La Regale $56
More options for:
Plus-Size curves
Torrid Dresses, sizes 12-26
Missy Curves
Forever21, Sizes S-L, Saint, Sizes S-L

Another Fashion for Fat People Hater

I swear there must be something in the water because stylist Robert Verdi has joined Karl Lagerfeld and Robin Givhan on why designers should not make clothes for large people.

According to (Love this blog) Stylist Robert Verdi said:

“I think people of all sizes should be wearing clothes. I don’t know if they necessarily need to be photographed in clothes,” he continued. “A lot of women say ‘I should’ve been alive when Ruben was because I’m Rubenesque.’ So times have changed. There are different cultural norms and values and beauty identities, and the fact that thin is in — who cares? It’s why I stopped eating. I think food is for fat people and poor people. Rich people don’t eat. They get dressed up and go shopping.”
I can’t handle the ignorance!

First of all, how would he know. The sad thing about his comment is that there are poor people all over the world who don’t have food to eat. Secondly, Warren Buffet and Oprah Winfrey, two of the richest people in the world are over weight or are struggling with weight. So that throws his theory out the window.

Most importantly, the message he is sending is the reason why women and men are struggling with anorexia and bulimia.

Talk to me, I’d love to get your thoughts.


All The Sparkle You Need To Be Nighttime Chic This Weekend

Do you have plans this weekend and have no clue what to wear? Well, I have the hook up for you because the nighttime is the right time to rock ione of Fall’s  hottest trends, sequins.

Think Beyonce’s multi colored sequin Balmain dress at the 2009 BET awards or Rihanna’s sequined leggings, and sexy sequin tops like the one Eva Longoria is rocking.

All items listed are below $40 and are from Wet Seal and Forever/Faith 21. Both stores carry most of these items in sizes XS-XXL and 00-18.

All Wet Seal items are available in misses and plus-sizes except the zebra print tank
Only the 2 sequin tops are available in plus-sizes


Designer Highlight

Yesterday I received an email from a reader who wanted to know what stores carry tailored shirts that don’t gap for large breasts. As a woman with ample bosom, I normally tell people to go to the Gap. In my opinion, Gap’s woven button up shirts are cut larger than most.

Another great store that offers a variety of cuts is Thomas Pink. Thomas Pink is a great store for tailored shirts and shirt dresses for women with large breast.

They have been in business since 1984 and are a London based brand. They offer custom made services in select stores. Their shirts come in a variety of styles such as fitted, classic, evening, and casual. They sell cuff links, belts, and scarves.

Their prices are pretty steep, but, they have awesome sales where items are slashed up to 60% off. The best thing about them is that they carry sizes 2-20.

Check out a couple of their sale items priced from $59-$149.

I like this store because they offer great style for work and evening.