How To Look Fierce & Stay Active This Fall In Plus Size Workout Clothes From Lane Bryant

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Now that we only have a few weeks left of summer, its easy to drop the ball on staying active. Once it starts getting cooler, all I can think about is staying in. This fall, I’ve challenged myself to keep my workout momentum going. I’m going to make sure I stay active and not drop the ball. So, below, I’m sharing a few ways I stay active during the fall

Stay Active Tip #1: One way I stay active during the fall is by walking everywhere I possibly can. During the summer it gets too hot to walk for an extended period of time. That’s why I take advantage during the beginning of fall. The weather is cooler and the breeze feels nice hitting my face.

Stay Active Tip #2: Find cute activewear. Lane Bryant has some pretty snazzy plus size workout clothes from their Livi Active collection. I’ve never tried anything from their Livi Active collection before, but when I went on their website and saw the new fall stuff, I had to get a few pieces.Lane Bryant Livi plus size activewearFierce T-shirt, Colorblock leggings, Adidas Sneakers

All my friends know that I am true New York walker. I like to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge a lot. Especially in the mornings. I just put on my headphones and go. Lane Bryant Livi plus size activewear

Whenever I worked out or did a casual fit activity, I use to wear oversized t-shirts and basic black leggings. Now, I’ve definitely stepped my activewear game up. The cool thing about this fierce t-shirt i’m wearing is that it has wicking technology. In addition, it has supportive stretch, and its fade-resistant. The moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric makes this tee perfect for those days you’re putting a little extra sweaty work in on your fitness goals. Lane Bryant Livi plus size activewearStay Active Tip #3: Whenever I feel like I need a good stretch, I like to go outside and stretch or do a few yoga moves. I actually started doing that this summer. I get up and walk to the park and just breath in the fresh air and do some light stretches. Sometimes I head straight to the gym after or workout in my house. Lane Bryant Livi plus size activewearSports bra, Camo Leggings

Since I’m a girl with large boobs, finding sports bra’s that fit and are functional can be a pain. However, I found one of the best sports bra’s ever from Livi Active. It fit the girls like a glove. I got the high impact wicking sports bra which goes up to 44H.

It is so comfortable and my breast feel secure when I move around in it. The bra is designed for high impact activities like running and boxing. Also, it has microfiber cups that hold the shape of your breast.

Lane Bryant Livi plus size activewearReflective Hoodie

Livi Active leggings are so awesome. They’re extremely comfortable.Lane Bryant Livi plus size activewearAll photos: Edelle Kenny

You can shop the entire Livi Active collection HERE

How do you stay active and looking Fierce?

*This post was sponsored by Lane Bryant. All opinions are my own


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