Obsessed With This Metallic Plus Size Matching Skirt Set

Since the summer, I’ve been obsessed with matching sets aka coordinating sets. Luckily there are a slew of plus size matching sets on the market. So, my search for cute styles was not hard to find. One of the best things about matching sets is that they are instant outfits. Very little thought has to go into completing the look. Any outfit that helps me to get out of the house quicker is okay in my book.

Plus Size Matching Sets

Recently, I found a few plus size matching sets and fell in love with a striped metallic knit style. I happened to be in Macy’s and saw a striped knit top hanging on a rack by its lonesome. I went over to look at it and when I turned around, I saw a matching knit skirt. I got all excited because both pieces looked good on their own. I took the pieces into the fitting room and literally squealed when I looked at how good they looked together. I really couldn’t believe it. I felt so good and couldn’t help but to twirl in it.

INC Striped Top, INC Striped Skirt

The fit on each piece was perfect. It has the right amount of stretch and the hint of metallic looks beautiful. Even in the daytime. I paired it with black patent leather pointed toe pumps and silver tasseled earrings. If you haven’t tried a matching set yet. I highly suggest that you do. There are quite a few plus size matching sets out there. This by far is one of the best that I’ve seen in awhile.

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