The Model Diversity Project Takes On Inclusivity In The Fashion & Beauty Industries

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

When it comes to the fashion and beauty industries, diversity is still something they struggle with. You would think that in 2018, conversations about diversity and inclusivity would be non existent. Unfortunately, its still what many are fighting for. To help create change, model Liris Crosse and makeup artist Christopher Michael shutdown the internet with a new campaign and initiative called “The Model Diversity Project.”

The project sheds light on why its important to have diversity in these industries. Liris and Christopher were inspired to create their own photoshoot with a diverse cast of models of all shapes, sizes, races, and ages. The campaign features models Naimah Terry, Monique Robinson, Denka Obradovic, and Elly Mayday.

What you will notice about the models is that they all fall into the curvy/plus size category. Although we are starting to see more plus size models in campaigns and on the fashion week runways, its still not enough. Another issue the campaign sheds light on is the lack of darker skinned models that aren’t being used. We all know when it comes to darker skin women, they are almost always left out.

Campaign creator Liris Crosse said she wanted to create it because, “I felt that the strongest way to prove our beauty and show our beauty is to do it editorially.”  “A lot of times you see plus models in catalogs and e-commerce.” Which is so true. Rarely do we see curve/plus size models in editorial campaigns that are on billboards or in mainstream magazines.

This campaign speaks loudly to the blatantly to how overlooked women of color and larger sizes are. We should be seeing more campaign featuring women that resembles the everyday women who are buying the very products from fashion and beauty companies.

We truly hope this campaign brings about change because these models look damn good.

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