Turning A Plaid Duster Into A Dress

When it comes to casual clothing, its no secret that I enjoy a good duster and kimono. They’re easy, comfortable, and most importantly versatile. That’s why they are always on my list to buy every season. A duster is a perfect transitional piece. It works well with summer outfits and fall outfits. What’s cool about a duster especially one that has buttons or a belt, is that you can rock it as a dress or jacket.

I found a super cute Georgette plaid duster from Catherine’s that is very lightweight, has buttons, and is long enough for me to wear it multiple ways. When I got the duster, my initial thought was to wear it open and style it with jeans. However, when I looked at the length, I changed my mind and decided to turn the duster into a dress.

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Don’t you just love when your clothes can work double duty? As a high heel lover, I of course wanted to slip on a pair of heels with it. However, it just felt more natural to rock the duster turned dress with flats for a cute and casual end of summer ensemble.

Georgette Plaid Duster

This duster has slits on the side so I had to wear something under it. I added a pair of navy stretch shorts from Catherine’s. Which turned out to be a big help because the day I wore the duster it was windy. Every time the wind blew you would see the shorts which made the outfit work perfectly.

I’ve been finding so many cute pieces from Catherine’s. Especially the dusters and kimono’s. You can checkout more plus size styles from Catherine’s.

  • This post was sponsored by Catherine’s. All opinions are my own.

Photo Credit: Edelle Kenny

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