What I’ve Learned In 8 Years Of Being A Mom

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

If you would’ve told me 8 years ago that I was going to be someone’s mom, I would have laughed historically in your face. After giving birth to my son, When God blessed me with my little love love I was overjoyed and couldn’t believe how much love I could have for a tiny human being. Throughout my eight years of being a mom, I’ve learned quite a few things.


Being A Mom Ain’t Easy: It is literally one of the hardest jobs. Knowing that I am responsible for someone other than myself was scary at first. However, knowing that very same thing has made me a much more responsible person. Especially financially, spiritually, and mentally. Every move I make is with my love love in mind. As a mom I’ve had to juggle a career and raising young boy. There’s times when I am away from home working and I feel guilty not being with my boy. I’m so thankful for Face time because when I’m away, I Face time my love love and we chat. I also love that he gets to see his mom work. I’ve even hired him as my little helper on the weekends. When he’s in school, he always tells his teachers about my website.

Dress, Shoes, Clutch

Nurture Your Child’s Interests:  When love love was a toddler, we noticed how much he loved music. We bought him a guitar and piano to help with his creativity. As he got older we noticed his love for puzzles and putting things together, so every week, we would get him new puzzles. Then he came to us and told us he wanted to learn martial arts so we signed him up at a neighborhood dojo. While his interests may change, I feel its my job to make sure I recognize them.

Teach Children About Responsibility Early: When my son first started kindergarten, he was still in toddler mode. He would leave his belongings at school, forget things at home. People would say, he’s just a baby, its no big deal. I’m quite sure it was no big deal, but I wanted him to understand the first step to responsibility was being responsible for your personal belongings. We gave him a little daily checklist to remember before leaving home and leaving school. It was simple things like, put your lunch box back in your book bag after lunch. He would always forget it at school. Now that he’s 8. We’ve moved on to make up your bed before you leave the house and we’ve been showing him how to fold and put away his clothes.

Have Fun And Be Silly: One of the things I absolutely love about my son is his infectious sweet spirit. He is so funny and loves to laugh. We act sill together and have fun together. We have movie nights and watch one of our fave shows together, which happens to be Black-ish. Sometimes, I can be so focused with making sure I’m teaching him how to be respectful and responsible, that I have to remember, he’s very much still a kid. My son and I play around all the time. Sometimes he comes with me on photo-shoots and we goof around and do funny poses. I’ve also managed to build trust with him by showing him that mommy can be silly sometimes too. I notice that he’s been more open with me.

I’m still learning things about motherhood as I go but, there’s one thing I can tell you for sure, I could not imagine my life without my love love.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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