5th Grader Ify Ufele Bullied For Being Plus Size, Created Her Own Clothing Line

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Last night my friends and family kept tagging me in a story about 5th Grader Ify Ufele Bullied For Being Plus Size. She was bullied so much that she decided to create her own line of clothes made for all sizes and get this, her story has gotten so much attention that she made it to New York Fashion Week. Ify’s real name is Egypt Ufele but her family calls her Ify. She’s a beautiful 10 year old beautiful girl with a head full of curls who unfortunately was taunted by other kids because of her size.

315205E300000578-3451456-image-m-24_1455736135870When asked about being bullied, Ify had this to say, “I was bullied and they called me all kinds of names,” she says. “One time I got stabbed with a pencil.”  Her grandmother said, she was tired of being bullied and decided to start making clothes for her dolls. She then learned how to use an actual sewing machine and with the help of her grandmother she started making clothes for all sizes. 

Egypt’s line, Chubiiline, is a medley of African inspired pieces with bold and colorful designs. She said she’s, “bringing Africa to American, one design at a time.” Ify also says she turned negative attention into positive attention. As you can see in the photo below, she included children of all shapes and sizes to wear her designs. Shouldn’t that be the norm anyways when it comes to fashion?


This is such an amazing story. It’s so unfortunate that children get bullied for their size. This young girl didn’t allow that to keep her down. She put her brains and talents to use and created a clothing line that wasn’t just for one size group but for all sizes. What I love even more is that she incorporated Ankara prints in her designs to show love to her heritage. I think the fashion industry can take a few notes from Ify’s book on creating clothes for all sizes.

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Photos: Daily Mail

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